Hounds Will Deal With Rain Today

I guess with all the eclipse excitement yesterday someone is allowed to yawn while they do their morning stroll. Or was it that I had a different sleep schedule last night, where the hounds moved from the living room to their bedroom spots around 5am. I'll get to that story later. In the meantime they... Continue Reading →

Hounds Prepare For The Eclipse

Stella decided this morning she would attempt her escape from the time she stepped into the backyard. While Sadie and I walked out to the path I did not realize that Stella was walking north, across the yard and out into field, the furthest point from us. Was she getting 'vibes' from the eclipse this... Continue Reading →

Heidi Enjoys Hot Weather

While I was doing some mid afternoon watering Heidi decided she would soak up some of that 90° sunshine. Once I turned the garden hose off she sprinted for the house ... that was enough time outside for her.

We Continue To Hibernate

With the "Feels Like" temp above 90° before noon again today, our plans will not be any different from the past week. We do anything we need outside before 9:30am and our 2nd walk of the day occurs after 6pm. All the hounds agree with that while Heidi refuses to leave the air conditioning inside... Continue Reading →

Not A Lot Of Hound Activity

I am not sure if it was the "muggy" feeling outside or the August average temperature that zapped the hounds this week ... they had less energy than I did. Heidi has all but disappeared for social life and being photographed. The bloodhounds and I have still been able to squeeze in a couple of... Continue Reading →

The Hounds Adjust To Hotter Weather

Those cool August temps were nice while they lasted. This week we are headed back to the normal high 80's. Therefore all three hounds made some adjustments to their schedules yesterday. Heidi slept more than ever. Sadie didn't bother me for an afternoon walk until early evening and both bloodhounds found the kitchen tile to... Continue Reading →

Can The Pace Get Any Slower?

Even with a calendar reminder, plus the App "Reminders", someway I forgot to notice Stella's 8th birthday was last Wednesday. We made up for that yesterday with a hand full of treats and a manicure for her. She seemed pretty content as she, Sadie and I stood under the Mahogany trees in the backyard late... Continue Reading →

The Hounds Start Another Weekend

It's like all other weekends, even most week days ... the hounds started another weekend like they do any other day. The deer scent was extremely strong this morning. With a strong breeze from the NW and the temps not even touching 70°, we took off into a wet field looking for bear. deer It's... Continue Reading →

The Hounds Prepare For Rain

Where we live in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana, we are teased a lot. Not in the way of making fun of us, but hanging that 'carrot' out in front of us. Warning us of thunderstorms, snow storms, tornadoes, and possible rain ... a lot of it misses us on a consistent basis ... too... Continue Reading →

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