It Was Nothing

Happy to report the warning fizzled out within 2 hours. Sadie watched a small storm from the door window, Heidi and Stella slept through everything. If that warning had come from local or national weather I would accuse them of creating drama for ratings … but it came from a tornado service I subscribe to.


Tornado Weather

They are telling us to be aware tonight for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. The tornado site gives us a 10% chance having tornadoes. {Editor’s update: At 3:07pm they issued a Tornado Watch until 10pm. Chances are now 50% for 2+ tornadoes and a 20% chance for 1+ strong one. Possible lime size hail and winds up to 70 mph}

No matter what happens, the winds will be high tonight. During our afternoon walk these pictures of the sky were taken toward the SW, W and one of the N … the first and third pictures were 3 minutes apart, same direction. The time interval between the first and last one of the sky was 11 minutes. A lot of things going on ‘up there’.


~ Southwest


~ North


~ Southwest


~ Sadie


~ Stella


~ Southwest