The Afternoon Was For Heidi

Heidi doesn’t come out to the backyard much. I’m not sure why. I imagine her health has been a factor in her lack of going on the walks. Today though was different. This was her afternoon.

Her sever skin issues started 3 year ago, been to 4 different vets, grain free food, and all the different treatments. For her, she is looking good.

2017 Mar 08DSC_9133DSC_9141DSC_9142DSC_9143DSC_9144DSC_9158


7 thoughts on “The Afternoon Was For Heidi

      • Well after lots of trial and error we ended up with believe it or not Rachel rays food just 6…it only has six ingredients also added a probiotic supplement to that …after about a week or so the skin started to improve and her fur started growing back …also added a little coconut oil into food a couple times a week

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      • WOW … I’ve seen pea starch in almost all the kibble I have fed Heidi. Like you said, it is very hard trying to find what causes the skin issues. If I wasn’t having to feed 66 pounds of kibble per month, I might be able to feed her strictly human food.

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      • Yes we thought about that also but miss Molly required large amounts of food too!! I was sooo happy when the Rachel ray food worked for her we did supplement with some chicken and such …


  1. I have log sheets where I was logging the food, a scale of 1-5 based on skin. The a different spreadsheet showing each food and date I started it, listing all the ingredients. “Only 6” is one food I had thought about but never used. Thanks, I’ll pick up a bag today and see how she does.


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