Heidi Enjoys Being Outside

Heidi has always been on her own schedule. She sleeps more than the bloodhounds and does not care. She will go on the daily walks only when she wants to plus she will stay outside only when she wants to. She's the perfect basset hound.

Field Is Baled

Considering how much rain we have had this spring and all the sunshine, they only baled a little over half what they normally get for hay. The hounds love 'their' clean field.

Hounds Getting Their Field Cut Today

It might have rained for the past two days but with sunshine for the next five or six days, they decided it was time to cut the field and bale it. That rumbling sound of the tractor gave us hope as we started our walk, the field was going to get mowed.

Another Morning Chasing Sparrows

I saw a lot of sparrows at the back of the field when I made the first turn. Sadie had not seen them but thought there were some to the left of her to get things started. She enjoyed two different chases in different parts of her morning walk.

Sparrows Get Sadie To Play

They fly low and fast, darting all over the sky and Sadie thinks she can catch them. It always looks like the sparrows in the field are leading her to play with them in a game of chase.

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