The Blog Has Changed


Just a short announcement that I am still in the process of changing the blog design. It’s a slow process of adding pages and photos for those pages, plus I am still looking at different themes (templates). There will be some changes to what some are used to but in the end, the changes should be okay for everyone including myself. Let me know if something does not work for you, or if you’d like something added … no promises but I’ll bring it before ‘the hounds’ for approval.

If the hounds are happy with it … then I am happy with. It’s their blog.  HA


2 thoughts on “The Blog Has Changed

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  1. Steve,

    As I told you via email the posting notice appeared in my Junk folder but that is not a problem. Open the web page by clicking on the link in the notice (this is good) and opened to your latest posting. I then clicked on Previous and read your other posting of 3 August. Because I have shut off all images this used a total of 645.6 KB. I can live with that and IF there is one picture that I want to see I can.

    Sure a lot of white space! HA

    Now let us see if it is going to post this Comment.


    1. Good to see it worked. ONLY THE FIRST comment has to be approved. All of your future comments will post immediately. Yes, too much white for me too. I just got in from our daily walk and will be making more changes to the blog today. I don’t like having all the info at the bottom of the screen so I’ll find a template with similar design where I can move those widgets of info to the right or left side.


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