The Hounds Close Another Week

The pace the basset hound or bloodhounds live is pretty fast at times. They never know when the next chase of deer, squirrels, cats or even butterflies will take place … so in the meantime they will fill their days with eating, sleeping and taking walks during the day. It’s rough but someone has to do it.


It was pretty obvious as they ventured outside right after their kibble at noon, that the black cat that I have seen only once in this driveway area, had been through the property last night. It was too early to be sniffing for yard moles, so it had to be cat scent.

2017 Aug 04

Contrary to popular belief Heidi really does get outside every day … in the rain, hail, sleet or snow … even on the sunny days. By the time I came back from checking on some things in front she had already found her favorite spot in back for some noon time sun.


Just as the expert weather guessers predicted, it never got higher than 71° but the sunshine sure felt warm on her back as well as the back of my neck. I like to think those few times she has went sunbathing over the past couple of years, were a factor in her recovery.


While I wasn’t noticing or taking photos of Heidi, that gave Stella plenty of time to have some desert. Nothing like having some fresh brown powered dirt pushed up through the grass by the moles after lunch kibble.


She was in denial … but her nose gave her away.


Combined with lunch and all of that energy eating dirt before she could get caught was too much for her. It was time for a short siesta and soak up some of that warm sunshine.


When I asked Heidi if she will ever eat dirt … she looked at me as if I was crazy for asking. Doing that is way beyond her limits. Even though Sadie and Stella are fixed females they do a lot of things you would only expect from male bloodhounds or basset hounds.


Sadie never gave up letting me know she wanted her walk now and not have to wait an hour or two after lunch. To prevent the possibility of bloat those are the rules, wait an hour or two after a meal before a walk is taken. Me? I wanted to get back inside and finish the hard decision on which blog design to use.


By 2pm Sadie let me know that she had enough of all this blog stuff. I could surely have an answer about what design to use by now, besides it had been almost 4 hours or more in front of my computer.

About that time I found something that looked like it would work quit well, even if the there were no sidebars available. So with that 98% decided Sadie got her 2 walk of the day.


With the strong winds alternating from the south and then from the west, the temps stayed cool with all the house windows open. It was almost too cold for wearing a t-shirt. Once we got out side under the sunshine, the weather was perfect and the sky was bluer than blue surrounding the clouds.

When I caught 3 butterflies in one picture I knew the field was going to be loaded with them. What I did not know was just how much Sadie enjoyed chasing them. She never catches them to where she could hurt them but she loves running and jumping after them.


Her she is in her first step of sneaking up on them so they will not see her.


It doesn’t matter how far away the butterfly will go, Sadie will not stop chasing that specific one until it is out of view.


Stella doesn’t care about any of that and in fact will walk right by them, close enough that the butterfly and her sides touch. Yet just like with me, or the other hounds … when Stella is walking somewhere she will walk on our feet like we were not even there.  LOL


Chasing butterflies was not the only thing on the afternoon agenda of the bloodhounds. The last I saw Heidi, she was stretch out about as far as a basset hound could stretch, sound asleep on the couch. Sadie and Stella had other ideas. They did their exploring on the morning walk so this afternoon was not going to be anything but finding and eating the “natural protein supplement” better known as deer scat.


It doesn’t matter how many times you call each of their names … they are not moving.


Stella already knew where she was heading, no searching would be required. She also knew that she was not going to follow Sadie and I on our walk … she had other plans.


I kept walking around the first corner and head to the back of the field. I had a pretty good idea that Sadie would sprint to catch up to me and we would pick Stella up on the way back.


Sadie was so excited she didn’t know whether to chase butterflies, sprint to catch me or keep eating stuff.




If you think she is finally running to catch up to me you would be mistaken … butterflies were now tormenting her.



Then it would be back to the fresh deer scat.



Just as I had guessed, there was Stella exactly where she was yesterday and the day before during her early afternoon walk. It will not be long before the wild flowers, weeds and grass will be too tall in the field for me to see them easily.


I told Sadie to “go get Stella” and she was off to find her.




I could see by this point I was going to have to walk over to Stella, grab her collar and coax her in the direction of the house or she wouldn’t move.


On the way home what I thought the second batch of orange flowers, turned out to be two butterflies having their lunch.


So with some butterfly chasing, some walking and even some natural desert … it was time to sleep the afternoon away until the 3rd walk of the day right before the Reds game at 6:40pm.


Like I said the pace of a hound life is fast and furious. Time flies and just like that they are ending another productive week. The hounds don’t need one to tell them but my Garmin VivoSmart3 is telling me to “move” … so it’s a good spot to end the post.

I think I am actually set on this blog design. There might be a few more tweaks behind the scenes for me but you will not notice them on the blog. So far I like the change, it was a good move. I hope I can stay somewhat incognito for months to come, if not years.

Can the weather be any better than today here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana?


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  1. This is an interesting format that I don’t think I’ve seen before. It’s a little different layout than one normally sees on a blog. Takes a bit of “getting used to”, but I think I like it.


    1. Well I thought I liked it until I opened a post to read and check out. I didn’t realize that it would be shoved to the right side of the page and a large picture on taking up the left. It might be a little too outside the box for me. I might change the design again. LOL

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