Sadie’s Butterfly Chase Started Early

Sadie’s morning started really fast as she sprinted as soon as her paws hit the driveway. I don’t know what she had seen but whatever it was by the time I focused the camera, she thought she had it surrounded. She was beside herself with excitement … chase butterflies … or track strong deer scent? Might be too many photos this morning … 29. Plus a little rambling at the end of the post.

2017 Aug 07

You can barely see a black butterfly just left of her nose.


She did nothing to the butterfly except give it her stare down.


Evidently these morning butterflies decided that hiding at ground level would be better than trying to fly away from Sadie like they do in the afternoon. She was sprinting from one spot to another to stare down butterflies.


Stella was on her own path and it was obvious she was not looking for butterflies. She was smelling fresh ‘natural protein’ … who knows, maybe that stuff is helping her gain her weight back.


With a light rain all night I knew the field would be wet today, maybe a little more than the normal heavy dew. I remembered to apply some mosquito repellant this time so I had a very nice bite free walk. I did notice one mosquito fly up under my ball cap bill but flew away. The stuff works … 25% DEET. I have tried all the natural stuff and it just not work for me.


I am going to let this flower grow a little longer before I confirm what it is from Google Images. It is the first time that I have seen this flower.


Sadie had moved from chasing butterflies to strong deer scent. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of her taking a few steps into the thick brush where the deer had worn down some of the brush. Stella was equally interested.



My very first time I was able to capture some of that ‘natural protein’ that both hounds enjoy adding to their diet.


While Sadie headed for the far corner of the field where the deer hang out, Stella thought about running that direction but when I yelled “over here” she stopped and only stared then walked back along the trial.



The one thing about Sadie that I have said before. I can let Sadie stay behind as long as she wants, she will ALWAYS run to catch up to me. On the other hand the two times I have tried that with Stella, it was 30-45 minutes later when I had to go back out to this far corner to get her to come home. One of those trips last year, I drove my FJ back to that area to get her.


Sadie getting a lot of running in this morning. When both rear paws are off the ground that is some pretty fast running.



Sadie heading for the back edge of the field trying to get Stella to follow her.


But as we all know, Stella has her own GPS and will come and go as she pleases, at her desired speed. That is one thing that makes her a great bloodhound.


Stella did find strong deer scent here. In this exact spot I have seen deer in the past, up to 5-10 of them, run and jump over a small hidden fence into that soybean field to Stella’s right.


She was stubborn on this spot … I had to walk back and get her with a gentle tug of her collar. There are times she will try to resist my tug.


At the same time I had Stella back on the path, Sadie took off sprinting and Stella tried to follow. She didn’t sprint but moved faster than a trot.


Not sure what Sadie was sprinting for … that seems to be a common theme for her today … running is good for her.


As the both looked toward that woods to the north of us, I had a feeling they would love to go check it out. We usually don’t extend our walks out that far. I guess we could and start getting a longer walk in but I’m not sure Heidi would complete it. It’s best to keep the walking path as routine as possible, with a ocassional exploration trip over there with Sadie and Stella.


More things for Sadie to chase … where did she come up with all of this energy this morning. Maybe it was the temp being only 72° during the mid-morning.



Stella decided it was time to start her slow trek home.


Sadie came running up behind me at full speed. She always likes to brush the side of my knee just to let me know she is back. Stella is starting her path to the single pole at the north corner of the property line.


I would guess in this part of the field there is probably some deer scent but also the field cats that are rarely seen out during daytime.



It might take some time but they finally make it back to the yard. All on their time, not mine. I can see that Sadie has lost some weight (good) this summer because I see her waistline and barely see her ribs. Stella is getting back to close to that.


Well another week of low temps for August. My 10-day forecast shows temps no higher than 81° in the month of August. That is just hard to believe.

Today I might transplant those wild field flowers I spoke of yesterday. One thing I noticed this morning, even with the rain with my extra wide overhangs the Azaleas and Dallies do not get the water they need from the rain. The ground around them is dry.

I had a call from my old college friend last night telling me that he was able to check out in person a trailer that I might be interested in. They manufacture in only two locations, Denver CO and Indianapolis IN. You can check out their trailers here if you are interested. It is definitely a possibility and a close call betwen the two now, with the Taxa Trailer I spoke of a few weeks ago on my old blog.

I joined the Facebook owners group for Taxa Trailers a few weeks ago and have noticed a couple of problems that owners have to fix themselves with company pdf instructions. I just joined the owner’s group for the HikerTeardrop Trailers so I can track any issues they may have.

For the new readers, in June 2015 I made a trip with one bloodhound (Sadie) and two basset hounds (Winston and Heidi) to tent camp in Colorado and Utah. I answered a lot of questions I had with that trip. The following August 2015, two months later, I thought long and hard before deciding to go pick up Stella who was being listed as a “re-home”.

I knew at that time IF I chose a 2nd bloodhound, then any travel plans would be put on hold. Until you try to walk two large bloodhounds with a leash or leashes, you have no idea how strong they are and how they like to go in different directions. Basset hounds don’t mind walking next to each other wearing a splitter to one leash.

Good news … I see the sun breaking through the clouds.

I hope to get two things done this week … not required just an urge. With a new printer cartridge I need to reinstall the printer software so my 2 month old iMac will recognize it. I may be able to use bluetooth or wi-fi instead of a usb connection.

The other ‘big’ goal is to look at my manual settings on my Nikon D3200 camera and check out different ways of taking photos with the dial at ‘P’, ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘A’. Of course the computer inside the camera might be better than my adjustments, for the better picture.

As far as games go … I started winning at 2048 too much on both my computers that I went back to playing Mahjong. Remember that when I transferred my files from my 6.5 year old iMac to a new iMac in May … it cleared out my Mahjong results and I had to start the 160 games over. I now have all of them completed under 4 months with some of them finished under 3 minutes. I might get an hour or two of playing that game today while I sit looking out the large window and seeing all of those having to drive to and from work.

Heidi was sound to sleep in the corner of the living room. That spot is available since I moved my bicycle that is on an indoor trainer. When I first moved in this house in 1997, my bloodhound Max use to like to sleep in the same corner as a puppy.

I can tell it’s going to be another great week here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana.


2 thoughts on “Sadie’s Butterfly Chase Started Early

Add yours

  1. Steve,

    My opinion for what it is worth and what you are paying for it.

    I have seen a Taxa Cricket although not a close examination. The Tiger Moth has all those bells and whistles that ‘sell’ but it looks to me to be a sieve ready to happen when it rains. All those hinge points are potential leaks and most of them will. I don’t think there is a Teardrop trailer that was ever built that did not leak around the hinge eventually and or around the doors.

    I know nothing about the Hiker. In both cases you know that you need to be outside either of these Teardrop type trailers most of the time. They are just a solid sided tent for all practical purposes. If you are an experienced tent camper then this is a step up in comfort. It you are not then devote some time to tent camping web sites and read what people have to say.

    My Teardrops were used for a bed room that I could tow behind small tow vehicles.


  2. Ed

    That is one of the major complaints I have seen on the owners group, it leaks at the hinge where that side door would open as a tarp. The company sent a pdf file of instructions for the fix to the owner that called. One complaint this weekend, that sliding kitchen that stores under the coach did not slide in all the way. After tearing some stuff apart he found that all the screws and washers had fallen on at the far inside wall of that storage drawer. Not what I wanted to hear.

    I’ve camped enough in tents, although most of that was decades ago besides my 2015 trip, and the reason I am only looking at these type of trailers as a “step up” from tent camping. Hey … you need to head to the midwest’s cool weather … only 80° today and in the 60’s at night 🙂


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