The Hounds Prepare For Rain


Where we live in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana, we are teased a lot. Not in the way of making fun of us, but hanging that ‘carrot’ out in front of us. Warning us of thunderstorms, snow storms, tornadoes, and possible rain … a lot of it misses us on a consistent basis … too consistent if you ask me. So needless to say, the hounds and I are a little skeptical of the prediction of thunderstorms happening at 2:54pm today. We’ll see.


That would still allow us to get at least one walk completed before it arrives and a few other things on the everyday things to do around the homestead. With us taking our first walk of the day way past the normal time … all the butterflies were clear of the milkweed, giving Stella plenty of room to trot right by and get this walk started.


She has been feeling better. She has been gaining some of her lost weight back and a little added energy each day. Her coat is getting back to being really soft like it use to be, yet I have not changed their dog food since last February.

2017 Aug 11

For some reason the time seems to be really flying right now. 10 days have passed by in August and it’s already early afternoon as I write this on the 11th day of the month. With time passing, our environment starts showing we have peaked for the summer and fall is just up ahead. The cornfield across the highway will continue to get browner.


These leaves will start turning very bright reds and yellows.


And the berries separating the field from the woods will start changing color and dying off. I think I am going to go berry hunting later this afternoon because I have not seen the owners make their annual trips around the field picking berries. Did I miss them or is not time to pick them yet?


It does not matter to Sadie if there are berries to pick, rain on the way, even snow … all she cares about is getting 2-3 walks in per day and being fed.


The walk had a strange feel to it today. Just past 11am (not normal time), only 72° and no feeling of humidity, no sunshine, no wind, very little noise in the air, no mosquitoes but a lot of butterflies. Plus, Stella seemed to have just as much energy as Sadie and led most of the way.

2017 Aug 11

Was this the butterfly that had Sadie sprinting full speed, jumping in the air trying to catch it? Same color but I doubt it was the same one. This morning I counted at least 12 different butterflies this same color … yellow.


Stella has zero interest in butterflies. She will walk by them, over them and through them without giving them a second of her attention. Even yesterday while she was following Sadie in the all out sprint … it wasn’t the butterfly she was interested in … it was the fact that Sadie might get something interesting and leave her out. She was more curious about what Sadie had found, not that it was a butterfly.


With Sadie walking right next to me along the back edge of the field, Stella did her slow trek across the middle of the field where she would meet us on the path home.


She may look innocent in this picture but believe me … she has plans and it’s not meeting Sadie and I … it’s to see if she can get away with ‘sneaking’ away from us and head north to the woods.


How do I know that? Because here she is walking past our path without looking at us nor slowing down … she is heading north, over the small hill and down into the field. That is until I called her name and said “over here”.


Sadie took off running in the direction of going home. More or less telling Stella “let’s go” and they both flew by me as if they were never going to stop.



With them heading in the general direction of the house I decided to get some last-minute photos of the butterflies that were still around.




Stella acting as if she is in a hurry to get home for some reason. I don’t know why, food or dog bones were never mentioned. It’s not hot yet. Maybe just a sign of how good she is feeling today.


Sadie was going to explore the rest of the field all the way home.


To stay out of our way, these butterflies were on the west side of the field just outside my yard boundary. I counted 8 of them on the milkweed viewed through the lens … but was not able to capture all of them in the picture.


I have not seen many of these orange ones until today.



This picture confuses me because the yard isn’t as tall as the picture makes the grass look. It was tall enough to mow this morning in case it rained. WeatherBug app radar was showing significant storms southwest of us, heading our way. Remember that ‘tease’ I told you about earlier?

Those storms may look like they are heading right for us on radar, rain or snow, but about the time they hit the state line they seem to split in two … following I-70 and the Ohio River … while we stay dry. We need some rain, so I hope it happens this afternoon or tonight.


If I didn’t know any better from the activity of state highway paint crews and all the fast new construction or improvements to the intersection downtown … I suspect they are preparing for “Close Encounters of a Third Kind” on August 21st or better known as “The Eclipse”

Residents along this highway have been warned in the paper that we should expect increased traffic like never seen before during that epic event. All driving madly heading southwest to get a better view of the eclipse, with those strange glasses in hand. So when I heard that familiar sound of a highway dept truck re-painting lines on the highway I was a little suspicious.

When they had not come back to finish the white line on the right side of the highway after three days, I imaged that paint crew traveled all the way south to the state line. I’ll probably hear that high pressure sound this week as they come back north to finish the job.

It’s time for a little Friday rambling rambling. I forgot a lot of stuff I was going to ‘ramble’ about.

Last night at midnight my HughesNet Gen5 account reset, giving me 20Gb of internet service. Data usage with them since my change a few months ago has kept me in the analyzing mode trying to figure out where this data is going. I have checked and double checked for any leaks, any programs running in the background, shutting off automatic updates, while keeping my Activity Monitor on the 2nd monitor so I can see it at all times.

Last night I turned off the computer at 12:07am … 7 minutes of new data. In those 7 minutes I had one tab open and was reading different blogs. HughesNet’s data meter showed I had used 100Mb’s … I was down to 19.9Gb available with 7 MINUTES!!!!

My computer Activity monitor showed that one open tab reading blogs took 23Mb.

With Exede I averaged around 483Mb per day in data use. With HughesNet I have been averaging 732Mb per day in data use. I am doing the same type of internet surfing as before. I have not changed the number of photos I upload to the blog. I don’t stream video and rarely watch any kind of videos during the time I have to pay for data.

When I upload my daily photos to Flickr and until recently Google Photos … that would take around 80-100Mb for a 100 photos. I have recently stopped using Google Photos and find that it’s .52Mb per photo uploaded to Flickr, that I use as an online backup.

So maybe there isn’t a leak and I am just using more date because of the free data periods changed when I went to HughesNet. Now I get 50Gb of free extra data from 2am-8am. Before, Exede gave me unlimited data between 12:01am – 5am.

I use to use that a lot until 2am. Now I am rarely up past 2am and not much earlier than 7am where I can use only 1 hour of that additional free data. Anyway, I am still happy for the faster speeds, meter accuracy, invoice and the customer service of HughesNet.

Being a football addict I am a little surprised that I have not watched all of the preseason games this past week. I may have watched a play or two depending on the team or 15-20 minutes but not a whole game. Is something changing inside my brain or is it those announcers in the booth talking non-stop … if they need to breath the have the sideline reporting to fill in for them. THEY NEVER SHUT UP!!!

As I start this sentence I am trying to recall what else I was going to write about … but can’t remember.

I guess my blog move is official now. Last night I had Kelly over at TheBayfieldBunch to take my old blog off of their sidebar. They were my leading source for generating traffic for the old blog. I didn’t think it was fair to have a blog hanging there for people to click if I had no plans to blog on that site anymore.

I had a good response from readers asking me where they could find this blog, what happened to use or if the hounds were okay. It was a case I had to move the blog without making a public announcement due to some trouble makers. I have seen only one of them visit the old blog and it was during a time between those short posts I deleted within 12-24 hours, looking for readers that still needed to know we had moved.

Hopefully the hounds and I can stay somewhat ‘hidden’ over here. It’s been a good move and I like the blog changes to what we have now.

After back to back days of taking the afternoon walks, Heidi has disappeared from any photo shoots. She is back to sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating and more sleeping … only two trips outside per day to relieve herself.

For those readers that have asked … Stella has been getting “Buffered” aspirin 2x per day, 650mg each dose … vet recommendation, starting August 1st.

I like bulleted comments.

  • My trip to the local library the other day resulted in nothing of interest.
  • Started a movie a night later, didn’t finish.
  • Glanced at a NFL game, didn’t finish.
  • No urges for siestas.
  • No cravings for junk food or fast food.
  • For those of you “think” you’d love to have a bloodhound …
    • Remember long glue-like drool.
    • Remember a shaking head can produce results like a water sprinkler.
    • Anything can happen when they shake their heads.
    • Their wagging tail can clear off a coffee table of food and drinks.
    • Dried drool on an automobile is some of the hardest stuff to remove.
    • They LOVE food … theirs and yours.
      • Expert counter surfers.
    • They are a GREAT house dogs and FUN to spend every day with.
  • When will I get back to scanning these stacks of old photos?
  • Landscaping project has slowed to a stop.

It feels like a Friday here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana.


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