Can The Pace Get Any Slower?


Even with a calendar reminder, plus the App “Reminders”, someway I forgot to notice Stella’s 8th birthday was last Wednesday. We made up for that yesterday with a hand full of treats and a manicure for her. She seemed pretty content as she, Sadie and I stood under the Mahogany trees in the backyard late Saturday afternoon enjoying the shade.


The pace here in ‘the tropics’ has almost come to a complete stop. I am working with what I have in the flowerbeds. I am waiting for mums to bloom at the local landscape biz and enjoy not having the Yews in front of the house. Since it was so nice outside yesterday I turned Sadie and Stella loose in the field and let them wander as they pleased.


They didn’t go far, didn’t run off and was more than happy to run back to the house when I called them. They were outside for almost an hour. They were both asleep within minutes after drinking water.


To break up the pace I thought I’d trying something different today on the blog. I only pulled a few photos from this morning’s walk instead of the usual 25-30. I thought I’d include some photos from the afternoon or early evening if I took any … then get back to posting at the end of the afternoon sometime after 5pm or 6pm.


That way I am not including yesterday photos with today’s post.


While I walked this morning, Sadie did nothing but thoroughly explore the field and the far right corner. She was changing directions in an instant it was as if she was looking for something but not finding it. She covered a lot of ground by running and trotting until she closed in on a scent.



Stella was on her own exploration and spent more time trotting or at a very fast paced walk. Most of the time she was not around Sadie nor I and only within view with a 200mm lens.


I think that’s a sign she is feeling better and getting back to her old self. She made a quick left turn about the time I took this photo. She was trotting to the ‘no-fly zone’ and I wasn’t even close enough to start running after her.


By the time I reached the rolls of hay I could barely see her as she went down over the small hill toward the woods. She was on deer scent and headed to the woods … until I yelled her name. She did an abrupt turn and started walking toward me … she had been caught.


Sadie continued her field exploration and was totally unaware that Stella was heading to the woods without her.


I finally got them headed in the direction of home. They headed for the north part of the yard while I walked through the wet weeds, flowers and grass along the path. While they slept until lunch, I took off in the Z4 for a Sunday morning drive before it got too hot. It was only 70° when I left and the cool air felt great with the top down.


The hounds are taking these fantastic days for granted. They forget what it’s like to have temps in the 20’s and a strong wind blowing colder air on their walks. It will not bother them but I dread just the thought of that type of weather. All three hounds slept through the afternoon. I sat outside and read for a while with them inside.



Afternoon walks are much slower paced than the morning walks. That doesn’t mean their noses take a break. They were very slow on the afternoon walk today at least during the first part of the field.



There were a few butterflies out but not nearly the number of them a few afternoons ago. Sadie was not into chasing them and at times would almost touch them as she walked by them with her nose to the ground.


It would be history in the making if both hounds walked slowly together following the path to the back of the field but that has never happened in the two years I’ve had two bloodhounds at the same time.


I’m calling this my favorite butterfly due to the color. I don’t see a lot of them.


I continued my walk. Sadie headed off for the far right corner of the field and Stella found a spot and didn’t move.



I have no idea what the name of this tree is but it looks like it should be in southern Florida not in the Midwest. I like the deep colors it produces.


At first I thought Sadie was joining me but she ran past me headed toward the ‘no-fly’ zone.


I had to zoom in with all my lens had to offer (200mm) to see that Stella thought she had time to check out the far right corner of the field. She had time, I didn’t. That 80° temperature was starting to feel too hot to me.


When I yelled her name and she stopped, I knew I had her attention. Now, what would she do? She slowly turned and started walking toward me.


To the right of me, Sadie came running over the top of the hill and acted like I couldn’t see her …


Sadie moved past me and then away from me again. I wonder what she was smelling to make her go as fast as she was?


Again, I don’t know the name of the tree but this one always starts changing color this time of year. That is at the first corner on the walk as I take the return path home.




I thought Heidi was going to join us this afternoon. Maybe she thought I was taking my camera, when I asked if she wanted to go. She turned from me, ran and jumped up on the couch. I took that as a ‘no’.

The past two afternoon walks without the camera she has come out with us but decided to search the very first part of the field while the bloodhounds and I did the complete walk.

I gauge how rested I am by the times I take to complete Mahjong games. Being tired equals higher times, well rested equals lower times and a lot of them. Such was the case yesterday and today as I did most of my games in 3:10 or less. I find that game easier to play on my laptop using the touchpad mouse to eliminate the matching tiles.

Not sure what’s on the agenda tonight. Still not in the mood to watch players trying to make their NFL teams and my interest in MLB will start again the closer they get to their playoffs. Even that is months away.

With stuff done around the house, the lawn cut on Friday, laundry finished yesterday … it’s time to start a new book from my bookshelves. It’s just hard to believe how nice the weather has been in August. Will we have a hot September as payback for these below average temps?

It was a quiet Sunday here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana today.



5 thoughts on “Can The Pace Get Any Slower?

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    1. Believe me, my traffic per day is not even laughable, let alone enough to make any money on affiliate income. I am seriously considering stopping this blog and going strictly private, for my eyes only.


  1. Finally was able to get caught up on the blog this evening and properly bookmarked. So enjoy the photos of the hounds. I am probably wrong, however to me the photos seem sharper on the ‘WordPress” website. Also enjoying nice weather here, but know that winter/snow will once again make its appearance sooner than we locals would like.


    1. Actually you are not wrong about the pictures. They are sharper on WordPress, since they do not compress the pictures like Blogger does. I’ve always liked the way WordPress looks. I am not looking forward to winter either.


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