The three of us run the house, with a slave to let us out when we want, feeds us and takes on walks through the field. We are Sadie, Heidi and Stella.


I’m Sadie, the oldest of the three and I was here first. They brought me home when I was a 12 week old puppy. They claim I was the most obnoxious puppy they ever owned. I’ll be 9 years old this summer. I’m a little overweight but with daily running and keeping my diet only kibble I should be fine. I hate getting a bath, hate having my toenails trimmed and hate getting my ears cleaned. That all gets done but not until I am finished sprinting all over the house and outside.


I’m Heidi and the only basset hound to hold my own against those two large bloodhounds. I let them know when I have had enough of them bothering me. I arrived in June 2011 from the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Illinois. They didn’t know my exact birthday but guessed I was around a year and a half when they adopted me out. That will make me between 8 and 9 years old this summer.

I’ve spent the past few years battling some unsolved skin issues. We have tried different food, different vets, probiotics, creams, ointments, zinc oxide …. all of it … and it is still a battle. I don’t get out much to walk because I like the temps to be between 70° and 80° and that’s hard to do living in the Midwest.


As you have guessed, I’m Stella. I’ll be 8 years old this summer and I’ve been living here since August 2015. Before that I had 3 different owners in my first 6 years. I had a major problem with separation anxiety and there was nothing I couldn’t escape from or damage beyond belief.

Not only can I open doors that have levers as door handles but I have climbed through screen windows after I tore them out and attempted to dig my way out of a room by going through drywall. I’ve calmed down a lot lately though. My slave can leave the house now for up to 8 hours and I haven’t tore up anything since December 2016.

I love all kinds of food, am an expert at counter surfer. My favorites are bananas, pizza, mangos, apples or anything reachable. They tell me I have a great personality, am laidback and funny … Oh … I love to chase deer when I catch them in my field looking at me.