Heidi Barely Gets Outside

Even with some wind to cool the temps down outside and it was just after her lunch, Heidi thought about it long enough to know she wanted back inside with air conditioned rooms as soon as possible. She looked at me as if to say “do you really expect ME to stay outside in this heat”?

2017 Jul 07DSC_4203.jpg

Heidi’s Exercise

Heidi was highly motivated yesterday right after lunch. Her normal path of behind the Yews, up the 3 steps to the porch, jumps off into the yard and did a few rolls on the fresh-cut grass. She actually ran from the middle of the yard to the driveway before walking as slow as possible back to the house.

2017 May 23DSC_2386DSC_2391DSC_2392DSC_2393DSC_2394DSC_2395DSC_2396

Heidi Makes Rare Appearance

She does go outside a few times per day and once at night. Unless it is perfect weather she will not stay outside long. Compared to last year at this time she looks 13 pounds heavier, regaining the weight she lost in 2015. Spring allergies have not attacked her skin. She has hair that grew back on her paws and legs, where one vet told me in 2015 it would never grow back.

When I glanced over the fence and I could see nothing that would pique the interest of the bloodhounds.


Has It Stopped Raining?

After almost two straight days and nights of raining, it stopped late Friday morning and the sunshine came out. When Heidi woke up Saturday morning, it was raining lightly with signs it had rained all night.