Trained To Go No Further

Because I live 100′ from a major highway I have tried to train all my hounds now and in the past, not to go into the front yard. There they might find a reason to take off running toward the highway like to chase a rabbit, maybe a bird or anything else they find interesting. So when they are outside and I walk down the driveway to check the mailbox, they always watch me as I return up the hill, to make sure I am not going somewhere without them.

Version 2

Birds Play With Sadie

We were about 3/4 of the way finished with the daily morning walk, when the calmness exploded with Sadie taking off on a full sprint and her eyes pointing skyward. There were 4-5 birds flying and darting all over the sky just above the tallest young hay. With Sadie running at full speed, the birds fly over her like WWII fighter pilots … then they were gone.