It Was Nothing

Happy to report the warning fizzled out within 2 hours. Sadie watched a small storm from the door window, Heidi and Stella slept through everything. If that warning had come from local or national weather I would accuse them of creating drama for ratings … but it came from a tornado service I subscribe to.


Chasing Birds

Sadie never catches them and never will but there are three things she likes to chase, in no specific order … deer, falling leaves and birds. You can barely see the bird getting airborne just ahead of Sadie. Of course if it is that interesting to chase, Stella has to follow.


What Is So Good ??

The times I have walked over to where Sadie or Stella are so interested in what is below the thick heavy grass in the field, I would expect to see a pile of deer scat but most of the time I find nothing there. Yet they will spend time not moving and chomping away. What are they eating?