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When changes happen there are always questions … hopefully I can answer some of yours. These are some questions I have received this week as well in the past 6 years.

Blog Questions

Where did all the links go that were on the sidebar?  — When you open a post, all of those links you saw before on the sidebar will be back on the sidebar … but you have to open a post.

Will you be changing the blog design a lot?  —  No, as of August 6th around 2:15pm Eastern time I believe I have found the blog theme (template) that I want to use all of the time. This gives me a clean updated look while the sidebar is still there just a click away.

How long have you been blogging?  —  I actually started blogging in 2005 when I was selling sports memorabilia online. I did not start blogging about the hounds until 2015 after changing the focus of the blog from my RV research. That blog started in 2011.

Why don’t you import your old blog posts and comments to this blog?  —  When I tried that a couple of years ago I found out there were too many problems when trying to transfer from the Blogger platform to the WordPress platform. I was told by a WordPress Techie that she would have to import and edit code one post at a time. She was willing to do that for over a 1,000 posts but I wasn’t.

What’s the “Other Stuff” shown in the blog title?  — I have in the past blog and will here, write about life in general (called rambling), camera, bicycles, old VW Buses, my past hounds, RVs, trailers, computers, traveling and some sports. NO discussions on politics or religion will take place on this blog.

Hound Questions

How did you decide to have basset hounds and bloodhounds?  — I think my interest in basset hounds started when I watched the tv show Columbo back in the early 1970’s. It wasn’t the right time in life to have my first basset hound almost 20 years later in 1987. I am not sure what started the desire to have a bloodhound but I bought my first one in 1997 and realized both breeds were a good match living together.

Do you get your hounds from rescue services, shelters or buy them from breeders?  — Over 30 years I have picked my hounds from all of those services. I found that the two I picked up at the local animal shelter did not work out even as basset hounds. Their stories are too long to speak of here but the story ended bad.

I have bought two from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue with fantastic results. My first was Max who lived to 12 years of age. Heidi also came from GABR and she is around 8 this summer, best guess.

All of my other basset hounds were bought from breeders.

Sadie was bought from a local backyard breeder. Her parents were on the property so I could see them before I made my choice. She doesn’t have what some people would call ‘show quality’ features but she’s a great bloodhound.

Stella was kind of a ‘rehome’ instead of a ‘rescue. The previous owner was looking for someone who might work at home or was retired so they would be around her a lot. Stella would be arriving with some serious separation anxiety issues. She is a great hound and has worked through some issues and is no longer into trying to escape and causing damage.





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