Walk #2 Was Diverted

In a short period of time this afternoon we had a lot of things going on. Nothing extraordinary by any means but a lot of different pictures and a surprise I remembered I had bought myself only on Monday. We tried to take our walk but plans changed midstream. There is still time for walk... Continue Reading →

Butterflies Dominate Afternoon Walk

Heidi may have cutback on her outside activity today but that didn't mean she didn't get outside to wander a bit. Just after lunch all of us went outside. While I went down the hill to the mailbox the hounds didn't even move out into the field. That's different. Stella let me know they have... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Full Of Butterflies

For some reason I rarely post pictures on this blog anytime after our morning walks. So today not only did I take the camera with me but I am also posting the best pictures I took of the butterflies in the field during this afternoon hound walk. I took over 50 very good butterfly pictures... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon Of Butterflies

While Heidi slept through the 2nd walk of the day, Stella and Sadie saw more butterflies on their late afternoon walk then they can remember. As you can see they were pretty excited ... LOL. Each picture is a different butterfly.

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