Heidi Makes Rare Appearance

She does go outside a few times per day and once at night. Unless it is perfect weather she will not stay outside long. Compared to last year at this time she looks 13 pounds heavier, regaining the weight she lost in 2015. Spring allergies have not attacked her skin. She has hair that grew back on her paws and legs, where one vet told me in 2015 it would never grow back.

When I glanced over the fence and I could see nothing that would pique the interest of the bloodhounds.


The Afternoon Was For Heidi

Heidi doesn’t come out to the backyard much. I’m not sure why. I imagine her health has been a factor in her lack of going on the walks. Today though was different. This was her afternoon.

Her sever skin issues started 3 year ago, been to 4 different vets, grain free food, and all the different treatments. For her, she is looking good.

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